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Yesterday we noted that the body of Christ is composed of individual members - with different skills, abilities and callings from the Lord. We especially mentioned that together we can do more than we can do on our own.


We readily see this in the natural. The owner of company likely has skill and abilities in almost all aspects of the work. But he (or she) is not able to do it all himself. He must rely on others. The better they work together, the more they can accomplish.


Consider someone who is an excellent singer. They may draw crowds and be a great blessing with their voice. But they will only go so far by themselves. When they get others to join in - either with music and/or other singers, then whole new possibilities open up.


Consider a great pianist. They can do a lot and be a great blessing by themselves. But add other musicians, singers, stage productions, etc. and again the possibilities are astounding.


These are things that are readily apparent. May we understand this as a church and in our families. May we be those who desire to work together - to honor the Lord and be a blessing to others.


Let us be the people who endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace ~ Ephesians 4:3. Thank you heavenly Father for opening up Your wisdom in this area - that we might know how to apply this in our own circumstances.

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