It is the desire of Open Door Christian School to give your child the best education possible. The school uses the A Beka Book Curriculum which has been developed over the past 40 years at Pensacola Christian College. Through the A Beka system, Open Door Christian School offers the highest academic standards as exemplified in students’ grades, test results and PSAT results.

It is the school's desire to offer academic excellence in every area of study - Math, English, History, Reading, Science, Writing, Spelling, and Bible. We believe this academic excellence can only be achieved through a Christian philosophy with its foundation in Jesus Christ. For in Christ "are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Colossians 2:3). With this foundation as the basis of academic study, we believe your child will receive an outstanding education.

Although education should take place first and foremost in the home, a child has educational opportunities at school that would be difficult to have at home - especially in academics, physical education, social interaction, and the more advanced courses of study in high school. Open Door Christian School is a resource upon which you may draw to ensure that your child has the best opportunities in these areas.


Your child's education is your concern and ours as well. When parents are willing to cooperate with the teacher and oversee the child's study habits, they are ensuring both the child's and the teacher's success. Teachers can do a better job at school if parents are doing their job at home. Remember, children generally take the same attitude and show the same interest in school that their parents do. Please help us meet the challenge - with your help, we can give your child an education with a plus.

Here are some ways that you can help:

1. Help your student set up a specific time and place to study - this is a must!

2. Question him daily about homework. Older students will usually have homework.

3. Keep up with slips that are sent home foru to sign and make sure they get back to the teacher.

4. Help him study for tests, especially where drill ispossible as in spelling, vocabulary, etc. Please help him go over his Bible verses.

5. Check your elementary child's backpack before he leaves for school. Make sure he has not left books, papers, lunch, or signed slips at home. Also check when they get home for notes, especially in your child's assignment pad.

6. When your student has been absent, make sure he does all makeup assignments given to him and brings an absence excuse to school.

7. If your student repeatedly says that he does not have any homework, you should contact his teacher to check this out.


It is the desire of Open Door Christian School that each student be a success and we are committed to do what it takes to see that each child succeeds. However, there must be effort on the part of the student. The student is expected to honor God in every class and activity by doing his best. When his grades reveal that he is doing "D" work or below, without effort for improvement, a conference will be requested. The teacher and/or the administration will attempt to understand the problem, and make suggestions for helping him to improve his grades.


Open Door Christian School admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin. The school administration will make the final decision in regards to the grade in which each student is placed after careful consideration and discussion with the parent. Tests or evaluations may be administered to determine a child's ability in various areas and levels in order to determine grade placement.


1. SCHOOL BEGINS AT 8:15 AM with a homeroom period. If a child arrives after 8:20, he will be marked "tardy". If your child is tardy, he will need to enter through the office door and obtain a note from the secretary telling the reason for the tardiness. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS will receive one day’s absence for every three unexcused tardies.

2. Car students will not be permitted to enter the building before 8:15 AM unless they are enrolled in early care.

3. SCHOOL ENDS AT 3:00 PM. Car students should be picked up promptly. Students who are not picked up by 3:10 PM will be charged $5/Day. Any student not picked up by 3:20 will be charged $10/Day. (NO EXTRA AFTER CARE SPACE IS AVAILABLE for people who need care on a day to day basis.)

4. Children leaving by car will be brought to a designated car-loading area at dismissal time. Students are to go directly to their own cars. Students are not allowed on the playground before or after school hours except for designated school activities.


Students will be encouraged to make perfect attendance their desired goal. However, in the case of absence, the parent should write a note to the teacher explaining the reason for the absence. This note must be sent the day a student returns from an illness. If a note has not been received within one week, the absence will be marked unexcused and it will not be changed. Upon returning to school following an illness, a student will not be excused from P.E. or recess without a written request from a parent.

1. Unexcused Absences: When a student is absent, except for illness, death in the immediate family, doctor or dental appointments, this is considered an unexcused absence. Excessive unexcused absences may result in dismissal from school. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE ZEROS FOR THE WORK MISSED UNLESS ABSENCE IS APPROVED AHEAD OF TIME. Tests/quizzes will not be allowed to be made up unless approved through the office. (See #3 below).

• Students who are suspended receive an unexcused absence. Tests and quizzes may not be made up unless approved by the office.

2. Students who have 2 excused absences will still be recognized for perfect attendance. These 2 grace days are given to encourage students not to attend school when sick.

3. Request for Approved Unexcused Absence: Students may make up work during an unexcused absence if request is made to the office IN WRITING and IN ADVANCE of the absence.

4. Tardiness: Please be reminded that repeated tardiness is a disruption to the entire class and throws off the class schedule for all the class. If elementary students are excessively tardy, parents will be asked to meet with the administration to seek ways to correct the problem. High school students with three unexcused tardies will receive one days absence for every 3 unexcused tardies. This does not apply to students who are tardy because a school van runs late, breaks down, etc.

5. Any student arriving after noon will be marked as "absent". Doctor and dental appointments will be counted as an excused absence or tardy.

6. Early Dismissal: Medical and dental appointments should be arranged after school hours. If this is impossible, excuses will be honored if a written request is sent to the office stating the time student will have to leave and who will pick up the child.

• When possible, please avoid dropping in to pick up your child. If the school is notified ahead of time, we are able to notify teachers, van drivers and your child will be sent to the office in time for your arrival. Please send a written request with your child in the morning stating the need for the dismissal.

• There should be a legitimate reason for early dismissals. It is not for the purpose of getting out of school. We remind high school students and their parents that PE is a graded class and study hall is necessary. If we feel that early dismissals are becoming excessive or without good excuse, we will contact the parent.

7. Any student absent more than 30 days during theschool year will not be promoted to the next grade.


The classroom is considered a place of learning for those attending. The teacher is in full control. Students are expected to show due respect for the teacher. The class is to be orderly at all times. The following rules will be enforced:

1. There is no talking without permission and no student is to be out of his seat without permission.

2. Students are to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen. They are to be courteous to oneanother. Rough-housing, running, and yelling inschool are not allowed.

3. Note passing is not allowed at any time. This includes notes passed in the hall, etc.

4. Stealing, cheating, lying, and swearing are considered very serious offenses and will be dealt with swiftly.

5. Gum chewing and eating of candy is not allowed in the classroom, except at parties. Candy should not be used for cough drops. If your child needs cough drops, you should send a note telling the need for the medication.

6. Holding hands, putting arms around shoulders or waist, or similar displays of affection in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship are not permitted at school or at school functions. Students are to keep their hands off of others. This policy is not designed to discourage gestures of friendship or Christian love, but to avoid situations of arguments and misunderstandings.

7. Prompt and cheerful obedience is expected.

8. At no time should children bring comic books, magazines, or any such material to school. Exceptions are made if such materials are for class or school work.

9. Students should have nothing at school that could be considered a weapon - including knives of any type. Conduct or “talk” that is considered threatening is prohibited.

10. Other unacceptable conduct includes: disrespect, throwing objects indoors, playing with irrelevant objects, being unprepared for class, foolish jokes, and inappropriate behavior.

11. Because we firmly believe that inappropriate music is harmful to both the physical and spiritual well being of the student; students may NOT bring radios, tape players, ipod players, DVD players, laptops, or any type of portable music devices to school. Hand held games, digital cameras, and cell phones are also prohibited unless approved for a field trip or school function. All cell phones are to be turned into the office upon entering school.

12. Parents will be made aware of major problems.


Believing that discipline is necessary for the welfare of the students and the learning procedure, the classroom teacher is given the liberty to enforce the school policies under the supervision of the administration. In the event that discipline problems become severe and require corporal punishment, the parents will be contacted and asked to administer such discipline.

The school expects full cooperation from both student and parents in the education of the student. If at any time the school feels that this cooperation is lacking, the student may be requested to transfer out. Also, if the student's behavior or attitude indicates an uncooperative spirit or one that is out of harmony with the spirit and standards of the school, whether or not there is any definite breach of conduct, he may be requested to transfer. Attendance at Open Door Christian School is a privilege - not a right. Students forfeit this privilege if they do not conform to the standards and ideals of work and life of Open Door.


Because God's Word lays down standards in regards to modesty and abstaining from all appearance of evil, we feel it necessary to establish a guideline for the standard of dress for our students. Proper school dress is the responsibility of the parents. It is only when parents fail to carry out this responsibility that the school must become involved.

There are no regulations concerning uniform clothing; however, the following guidelines will be observed.

1. It is understood that the school administration has the final say on what constitutes modest and appropriate dress and the parents agree to abide by their decisions.

2. Students are to dress neatly.

3. Shorts may be worn in the classroom in grades Kindergarten through Grade 4. Students in Grades 5 and up may wear Capri's.

4. Plain shirts and hoodies - No slogans, No symbols, No wording, No graphic designs or imprints on any clothing. Colored or print patterns are acceptable.

5. Boys will wear shoes and socks.

    Boys will not wear earrings.

    Boys of all ages will have decent hair cuts.

    Boys will not wear low riding jeans.

6. Girls will wear proper undergarments.

• No halter tops, midriff tops, sheer blouses.

• All tops must have modest necklines, not low and revealing, and must fit modestly. Girls in 6th - 12th grade are required to wear three button polo shirts (no camisoles underneath) or crew neck T-shirts.

• Because of the low rise jeans - tops must come down 2 inches longer than the waistband of the jeans.

• Skirts should reach the knee-if the skirt is more than 1 inch above the crease of the knee, it will be considered too short for all grades.

7. We have no tolerance for nose, eyebrow, tongue, belly button piercing, or excessive ear piercing, tattoos, odd colored hair, improperly fitting clothes, dress associated with rock bands, dress that is “dark” in nature - “Goth”, or anti-Christian in nature.

8. In the event that a student wears inappropriate clothing to school, the parent will be called and the child will be sent home.

It is very difficult to have an all-inclusive dress code. It appears that more and more, society is teaching our young people to dress or appear “abnormal” and modesty seems to be a thing of the past. We will give students reasonable opportunity to understand what is expected in this area, but we will expect students to comply quickly. Being a part of a Christian school, students should be mindful that the way they dress is a reflection ofu> Christ to those around them. Therefore, we do not feel it is a sacrifice to be and dress differently from the world’s standards.


Reasons for Expulsion:

1. When the parent will not cooperate with the teacher or administrator of the school.

2. When a child's conduct, attitude, or lack of effort make it inadvisable for him to remain in Open Door Christian School.

3. When a student continues to receive any report card grade "D", including Bible, without effort for improvement.

4. When financial agreements have been broken.


Tuition can be mailed to Open Door Christian School, P.O. Box 970, Troy, VA 22974. Receipts will be written for tuition payments. If you send payment by your child, please check to see that he brings home a receipt. If he does not, that may be a good indication that the school did not receive payment. It is up to the parent to see that the school receives tuition payments. If you desire to bring your payment to the school, it can only be received during regular school and office hours. Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 8 AM-3:30 PM- Wednesday & Friday 8 AM-3 PM. The office will also close at 3 PM on program nights and parent/teacher conference nights. Payments cannot be received on weekends, holidays, or before or after church services.

All parents sign a financial agreement which outlines the specifics of our financial policies. If you are sending cash by your child, please label it clearly with your name and "tuition". Please send exact change whenever possible. Please do not add snack money, picture money, yearbook money, etc. in with your tuition check. Teachers, not the office, are responsible for recording these monies.

Tuition, bus fees, early and late care fees are due on the first day of each month. A $10 late charge will be added to your account for payments received after the 10th of the month. If your account is not paid in full by the end of the month, your child/children will not be allowed to return to school on the next day. Should this occur, your account must be paid in full within seven days or your child/children will lose their place as students and their names will be removed from the school rolls. Late notices will not be sent out.

In the event that financial difficulties arise, the school will endeavor to work with parents.

However, payments must be consistent. If an account reaches an outstanding balance of $l,000, children will not be able to continue attending Open Door Christian until the balance is paid in full.

In the event the bank returns any of your checks for any reason, you are responsible for immediate payment plus a $25 fee per check. If 2 checks are returned during the school year, all remaining fees will be on a cash, money order, or cashier's check basis. The school will not accept third party or post dated checks. Students that withdraw during the year will be obligated to pay the month's tuition for the last day that they attend. (Example - student attends November 1, withdraws November 2, will owe the November tuition).

Once a payment has been receipted for, it will not be returned. It is the parent's responsibility to see that sufficient funds are available to cover checks.

No school records will be released until your account is paid in full and all checks have cleared the bank.

In the event that your payment would change due to a change in services received (such as addition or deletion of bus service) a new financial agreement will be signed.

Parents of students enrolled in summer care, early and late care will need to keep their own records of payments for income tax purposes. The school will not be responsible for sending statements for income tax/deduction purposes.

Registration fees for the summer program and the school year are non-refundable. Registration fees will hold the space for your child as long as other school payments are not delinquent. Example 1: Parent has child in school and registers for the next school year in March. Parent then fails to make an April payment for the present school year by May 7 (seven days after the month as stated in the financial agreement). Parent then loses registration space for next fall. They may re-register at the normal fee should space be available.

Please understand that paying tuition on time is very important to the operation of the school. Tuition and other fees pay our teachers and all of the bills. If payments do not come in on time, our operation and your child's education is greatly hindered. Because we desire to treat everyone equally and fairly, we cannot make special allowances for those who want to pay late.


The teacher is at liberty to assign homework to aid the advancement of the student in his studies. Each student is expected to complete his homework on time; therefore, the parents are asked to cooperate by providing a time and place with an atmosphere conducive to concentration upon the work assigned. Parents are not to do the work for the student, but they should give proper supervision to the required study, and help with the reviewing of the material being learned. Homework is given for several reasons:

1. For Drill: We believe that most students require repetition and solid drilling to master their subjects.

2. For Practice: Following classroom explanation, illustration, and drill on the new work, homework is given so that the material will be mastered. It will also indicate to the teacher how well the student really understood the new material.

3. For Remedial Activity: As instruction progresses, various weak points in the student's grasp of the subject will become evident. Homework following instruction is given to overcome such problems.

4. For Special Projects: Book reports, compositions, special research assignments, and projects are some of the activities that are frequently the subject of homework assignments.

We do request parents' full cooperation in seeing that the assignments are completed. Repeated delinquent homework could result in a student's expulsion. Students in grades 1-6 will be required to have their assignment pad signed each night by a parent. Signing the pad means that you know that your child has completed the assignments.



In the event of inclement weather, any closings of Open Door Christian School will be announced on the following TV stations (Channel 12 has been most reliable in past years)

WVIR-TV Channel 29
WWBT Channel 12
WRIC Channel 8
WTVR Channel 6

Closing school in progress is rare. Usually, we will wait until the roads have been cleared and treated. Unless weather starts early in the morning and the forecast looks bad, it is usually safe to assume that we will NOT close early. Right after the bad weather starts is usually the worst time to be on the roads. If the school must close while school is in progress, the closing announcement will also be on the following radio stations in addition to the television stations.

WLSA (105.5 FM) Louisa
WINA (1070 AM) Charlottesville

• Please do not call the school unless absolutely necessary. This presents difficulty because the school cannot make the calls necessary for closing.


Because of the required number of school days, Open Door Christian School only observes a portion of the calendar holidays. We do this in order to have the full three months off in the summer.


Students bring their lunch to school each day. Ice Cream will be offered on Fridays. Other snack items are available for purchase with the permission of the parent. All items may be purchased by high school on any day. If your child forgets his lunch, we will endeavor to contact you to bring it to school. If we are unable to reach you, we will provide snack items for lunch and let you know the price of items charged. Because of the number of students, the school cannot provide refrigerator space or microwave use for students.


All medication should be sent with the child to the classroom where it will be sent to the office to be administered. This allows the teacher to see which children will need to be sent to the office to receive medicine.

PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF MEDICATION AT THE OFFICE AND GIVE VERBAL INSTRUCTIONS. This is often difficult to remember when several students are involved. Please leave written instructions to ensure that your child receives proper dosage.

The office WILL NOT administer medication without a WRITTEN NOTE from the parent. Please date the note, list the specific time(s) the medication is to be given, and SIGN THE NOTE. It is also helpful to let us know if the medication will be sent over a period of time (for example: if the medication is needed for the entire week, state that fact, and then only one written note would need to be sent.)

All medication should be sent in SINGLE DOSES. Old prescription pill bottles are good for this purpose. Please do not send entire bottles of medicine unless the school will be administering the medicine for a long length of time and is able to keep the medicine. This eliminates the need for school personnel to measure the dosage, takes less space to store it in the office, and eliminates the need to keep refrigerated medicine until the end of the school day when it may be harder to remember to return it.

Thank you for being mindful of these guidelines, keeping in mind that they were designed with the safety of the student in mind.


1. All persons visiting the school during school hours are asked to check in at the office upon arrival.

2. If parents are divorced or separated and one parent is not allowed to see or pick up the child, we must have on file at the office, a certified copy of the court order of final judgment.

3. Students will not be allowed to use the telephone except in cases of emergency.

4. The school must have a copy of each child's birth certificate and up to date immunization records. Failure to provide the school with proper records may result in the child's removal from school.

5. Parents will have the option of purchasing student pictures as well as a school yearbook. Parents will be provided with the proper information before pictures are taken.

6. Students will be taking field trips from time to time during the school year. Parents will be asked to help with gas fees by contributing $2-$3. Parents may also have the opportunity to assist and accompany the classes on various trips.

7. The school office has a lost and found. A large amount of items are turned in each year. Please encourage your child to check for lost items within one month. Space does not allow us to keep items longer than this.

8. It is advisable to label all your child's belongings with a permanent marker such as crayons, sleeping mats, towels, pencil boxes, coats, and hoodies.

9. The school is currently collecting Big G Boxtops. A complete list of products can be obtained from the office. We also participate in the Food Lion Shop & Share program. It is necessary to re-link your MVP card each year.

10. Please help your child keep rental books covered. This will help prevent fees which must be paid for damaged books. (Grades 1-6)

11. Please notify the school of any change of address, phone number, emergency information, email addresses, etc.

12. Because of limited van space, we will not be able to allow students to change vans to ride home with another student. If you desire for your child to go home with another student, you will need to take them by car. If your child is not riding the van home, please inform the office with a note. If you must call, please do so before 2 PM. This gives the office time the inform van drivers, teachers, etc. not to put your child on the van as normal.


Parents of kindergarten children who bring their child to the classroom should not delay the starting of the daily routine by staying in the classroom past 8:30 AM. When you bring your child, this is not a time to discuss or ask questions about your child.

Conversations should be brief, and lengthy discussions should be held at appointed conferences. The teacher is more than willing to answer your questions and share your child's achievements with you, but this must be done at an appropriate time. Remember, the teacher is responsible for many children. Morning is an important time and the teacher must devote all her time to making the children feel welcome and comfortable in new surroundings. Thank you for helping us to make kindergarten an enjoyable, learning place for your children.

If your child is upset when you bring him in and does not want you to leave him, we assure you that our teachers are experienced and well able to handle these situations. It is much easier on both the child and teacher if you will leave the child and allow him to adjust quickly.

If your child is upset when you bring him in and does not want you to leave him, we assure you that our teachers are experienced and well able to handle these situations. It is much easier on both the child and teacher if you will leave the child and allow him to adjust quickly.

Kindergarten students will receive report cards every six weeks.



Parent-teacher conferences will be held throughout the year to discuss individual student needs for grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. Please feel free to consult with the faculty and administration regarding any problems or questions concerning your child.

It is not the school's policy that teachers are required to give out their home phone numbers. Everyone needs a break from their work and teachers are no exception! All teachers are provided with a plan time during the school day. Please contact your child's teacher to find out when a phone call is convenient.

We ask that conferences with either faculty or administration be held according to an appointment set up at the convenience of both. You may also write a note to the teacher informing him/her of any problem your child may be having. Please call the school office for any appointments.

Regularly scheduled conferences will be held twice a year by appointment. There will be two nights available from 6 - 8 p.m. Please be prompt for your appointment to keep from running over into someone else’s time, and call well in advance to set up your appointment, especially if you need a particular time.


Students in grades 7 and up are required to change clothes for P.E. Each student will be required to purchase a P.E. uniform which will include shorts, white T-shirts, black uniform pants, and a plain black hoodie. White socks, tennis shoes, and deodorant are also required. Only plain (no printing), black hoodies will be acceptable for P.E. Detailed information will be given out in your orientation packet. If students do not wish to wear uniform shorts, they do not need to purchase them; however, they must have adequate uniform pants for each day. All of the above items are required to keep from deducting from the daily grade. For example: student forgets tennis shoes, he is not fully “dressed out” for P.E.


Parents of students in grades 3-12 will receive one progress report between grading periods which will include all daily, quiz, and test grades. Parents are to sign and return these reports to the teacher the following school day.


Any student writing on walls, desks, or other school or church property will be disciplined quickly. Any student who breaks or defaces any such property is responsible to replace the broken or damaged item. Replacement and repair will include parts and labor charges. The school will not assume responsibility for the carelessness of a student. Each student must respect God's property.


Kindergarten through second grade students will receive report cards six times during the school year. Grades 3 and up will receive report cards four times a year at approximately nine week intervals. All entries made by the teacher on your child's report card will be the result of careful evaluation of classroom learning, attitudes, efforts, and grades. Please discuss evaluations with your child regularly.

Remember, however, that evaluations should be guides in learning rather than goals for learning.

Many times excessive emphasis is placed on grades. Parents are reminded that grades are merely indicators of one's overall achievement and not indicators of one's overall ability to learn, and should not be confused as such.

Students will be graded as follows:

A    95 - 100
B    88 - 94
C    78 - 87
D    70 - 77
F    0 - 69
I    Incomplete

Incompletes are given when a student has been absent from school for an extended period of time just prior to the issue of report cards. Other assignments that are not complete at the end of the quarter will receive a grade of zero. Grades will be lowered on assignments not turned in on time.

No report card or transcript will be sent to another school if a child's account is delinquent.

Students doing outstanding work will be recognized each nine week period. The honor roll includes those having no nine week grade lower than a B-. Students may also be recognized in other areas such as attitude, effort, etc. Awards will be given out at the end of the year.


In order to provide transportation for students of Open Door Christian School, we will need the help of parents. Parents can help a great deal in keeping their children safe on the school van by insisting that the children seat themselves promptly on the van, stay seated while the van is moving, and conduct themselves in such a manner that the school van driver can devote his or her time to the task of driving the van.

Van service is to be paid by the month and may be added to the tuition check. Students who want to add van service after the start of school may do so only as time and space allow. All withdrawals from van service must go through the office. Students riding the van one day or more of any month will owe the full month's van service charge.

It is understood that the van cannot wait at the stops for any student, as that would disrupt the time schedule, causing all the students on the van to be late. If a student misbehaves on the van, he may be required to provide his own transportation. Parents will be expected to be waiting at the designated place to pick up their child. Please be aware that the school cannot be responsible for each child once they have been dropped off.

Because of limited van space, we will not be able to allow students to change vans to ride home with another student. If you desire for your child to go home with another student, you will need to take them by car. If your child is not riding the van home, please inform the office with a note. If you must call, please do so before 2 PM. This gives the office time to inform van drivers, teachers, etc. not to put your child on the van as normal.

If your child does not have a note, we cannot call the parent to find out where he is to go. If we do not hear from the parent, the student will be sent home as usual. The teacher will not take a child's word concerning a change in his schedule. Any time an address or phone number is changed (home or work), please notify the office.

Parents are asked to help smaller children on and off the van. This prevents the driver from losing time on his route by turning off the van and getting out. The van driver also cannot be responsible for helping students across the street. We ask that parents meet the van. Again, it is not safe for the driver to leave the other students on the van.

Please pack all your child's belongings into his back pack. Do not hand things such as milk money, medicine, etc. to the driver. The van driver also cannot be responsible for verbal messages about van changes, messages to the teacher, etc.

Students must have signed permission slips in order to ride the van. Changes in schedules and/or routes can only be made as time and space allow and must be approved through the office.


If your child's van is late arriving, this usually means that there has been a breakdown and it does take some time for an alternate van to be taken to the location, a flat tire changed, etc. If you are able to wait, another vehicle is on the way to take care of the van route. It is difficult for us to telephone every family to explain that there has been a problem. We understand that some parents may have to get to work and may have to bring their children to school rather than wait for the alternate van. We appreciate your patience when breakdowns occur.


The following are basic van rules for students using van service provided by Open Door Christian School.

• The driver is in charge of the students while on the van. Students must obey the driver promptly.

• Students should treat the driver, their peers, and equipment with respect. Damage to equipment must be paid for by the offender.

• Students are to be on time. Three minutes should be ample time to depart their home. Parents should also be at pick-up points on time as drivers picking up and dropping off students are on a time schedule. Students should be alert when the van approaches your stop. Students should wait until the van comes to a complete stop before attempting to board the van.

• School conduct is to be observed by students while on the van.

• Students should keep their hands to themselves and off others and their feet off the van seats and back of seats.

• Student’s hands and arms are to remain inside of the van at all times.

• Students are to talk in a normal conversational voice so as not to distract the driver. No loud or irrelevant noises are allowed.

• Students should not leave anything on the van, throw anything out of the van, or throw anything down on the floor of the van

• Seatbelts must be hooked at all times. No switching seats while the van is in transit.

• No eating, drinking, or chewing gum on the van. Students should not open their lunchboxes or backpacks on the van.

• No radios, walkmans, tape recorders, CD players, i-pods, DVD players, laptops, cell phones, or digital cameras will be allowed on the vans. If a student is allowed a cell phone by the parent, it is to be off and in their backpack and turned into the office upon entering school.

• Parents are asked to provide adequate turn around space for the school van if it must come into your driveway. If driveways are not scraped in inclement weather, it may be necessary for you to meet the school van at the end of your driveway.


Withdrawals from school must go through the school office. Students having attended one day of any month will owe the full month's tuition. No records or belongings will be released until the student's account is paid in full. After accounts are paid, belongings must be claimed within one month.

This guide is not by any means all-inclusive, but it is just that: a guide. If you have any questions concerning school policy or things not specifically mentioned in this guide, please feel free to contact the office.

P.O. BOX 970
TROY, VA 22974

(434) 589-3673